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Kathmandu is gearing up for the fourth episode of South Asia’s most extreme and brutal Metal Fest. Nepal DeathFest 2017 is bringing the most accomplished and intense Extreme Metal bands together with a challenge to make it bigger, bolder and better than its last version. The event will feature bands from India, Japan, USA, Germany…

Event Review: Rangia Rock Fest ; Illuminating Rangia Rock Festival, 2017

 Illuminating The Rangia Rock Festival, 2017 The North-East is emerging and so is the Rock-Metal scene in the region. Although the people have yet to accept this musical genre completely, the scene in Guwahati and Shillong, the hubs of the genre, is developing steadily. Rock-Metal shows and gigs are becoming quite common there. However, something…

An exclusive Interview with Metal Tabla player Anirudh Sharma CA

Anirudh Sharma CA, an upcoming Tabla player did the unthinkable and integrated Metal Music with the Indian Classical Percussion instrument, Tabla.   Indian classical music is a genre that dates back thousands of years. It comprises of intricate patterns of melody denoted as ‘Raga’s merged with knotty patterns of rhythms called ‘Tala’s. It is elaborate…