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Interview: KRATORNAS speaks about their new album and their formation

KRATORNAS, the brainchild of a certain Zachariah. He began KRATORNAS in the early 90’s despite dealing with problems many Western bands never encounter like crime, corruption, poverty, lack of equipment, or even an outlet to buy records. after many primitive demos, KRATORNAS’ debut album was finally released in 2007. KRATORNAS’ new album, ‘Devoured By Damnation’ is a treat to the folks who…

An exclusive Interview with Metal Tabla player Anirudh Sharma CA

Anirudh Sharma CA, an upcoming Tabla player did the unthinkable and integrated Metal Music with the Indian Classical Percussion instrument, Tabla.   Indian classical music is a genre that dates back thousands of years. It comprises of intricate patterns of melody denoted as ‘Raga’s merged with knotty patterns of rhythms called ‘Tala’s. It is elaborate…