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“Kratornas” hails from Canada and is two piece Thrash/Grind/black metal band. Their album “Devoured by Damnation” was out on 8th December’16 via Grathila Records . Just a look at the cover art is sufficient to deduce as to what devilish package the band has carved out from the anvil of hell. The album consists of…


“LIVING TERROR” is a 4 man band coming straight out of the western suburbs of Chicago. The band has released their debut album “Total Warfare” a month back in September all by themselves. The artwork is radical. One look and you can make out the genre of music by which you are about to get blasted….

Album Review: Children Of The Chainsaw – Ashcloud

“Ashcloud” is a two-man old school death metal band.  Ashcloud have members of bands like Wombbath, Just Before Dawn, Human Harvest, Skineater, Syn:drom and Body Harvest! The have released their 2nd full-length album “Children of the Chainsaw” earlier this year in may via Xtreme Music Record Label. The album consists of  12 intense tracks with…

Album Review: Eclipse Of the Sun – VAyL

VAyL is a stoner metal band that was formed in Berlin, Germany in 2012. Consisting of Hagen Ohmstede on guitar and vocals, Ben Ohmstede on bass and Tony Müller on drums; the band have a post-apocalyptic theme that provides an interesting set of lyrics.   “Eclipse the sun” is a five track EP and the…


  With all those church burnings and killings , black metal is undoubtedly the most notorious subgenre of Metal Music. Yes, You Got that right! Today I am going to discuss a black metal album. “Nocturne” a two-man melodic black metal outfit from Austria  released their debut self-titled full-length album “Nocturne” earlier this year in…