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Event Review: Blast Vol-2; Presented by Pro Media and Creations

The underground metal scene of Guwahati has been awesome since its inception many years back. However, it is breeding voluminously now because of the intermittent gigs and concerts that happen in the city.

It’s only been a few months when we had Blast Vol-I, a high voltage event held on 7th April 2017 where we witnessed bands like Nogrod, Unseen Elysium, The Last Theory and Dymbur(Thraat) displaying their prowess. But PRO Media and Creations do not sit idle for long and as a result, we had the second instalment of Blast a few days ago.

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First of all, kudos to Rishav Mallik and his crew for setting up such an engaging yet aggressive gig. The bands performing also had a lion’s share in the success of the event. The venue was, of course, OZONE.

The show started as the evening set in and numbers flowed in rapidly.

The band that started the event was Chaotic Dread, a brutal/death-grind band from Nongpoh, Meghalaya. They were great on stage and the music they played shook the audience and brought them forward towards the stage. Heavy head-banging was constant along with minor mosh pits.

Next on stage was Xontrax with their death and symphonic black genre of music which made the crowds go wild and crazy. It’s been some time since their last show but the band didn’t disappoint, far from it actually. The pub was filled with crowds banging their heads with their horns up in the air.

Then came Arduous Resistance on stage. The melodic death music they played was breath-taking and prodigious. The subtle differences in music from the previous act could be easily discerned. Arduous Resistance, a five piece band from Guwahati plays Technical Metal as well.

The fourth was Natura from Shillong. This three piece band really made the crowds go extreme with their heavy music they have played. The onslaught the initial three bands started was seamlessly carried on with their guttural and brutal vocals.

The final band was Psybarite, a four piece groove metal band which hails from Assam. They played heavy riffs with groovy elements. Much influenced by the international band Pantera, Psybarite sounds similar to them. Their Pantera covers Broken and Walk in the end of the gig boosted the dizzy crowds with headbangs , mosh pits and overall heaviness.

It was late but no one actually wanted to leave. The energetic performances made the crowd frantic and rearing for more. And why wouldn’t they? The line up of the bands was phenomenal as were the arrangements and the setting. A worthy sequel of Blast Vol-I!


Huge thanks to all the bands who performed, PRO Media and Creations for organising the event and Ozone, for the venue. Metal Banger is honoured to be associated with such acts. May the scene in Guwahati and North East develop further! Cheers \m/