Forkaal Music Festival

Event Review: Forkaal Music Fest

Spectacular, perhaps, would be an apt one-word representation of Forkaal Music Festival, a journey to the deepest recesses of our souls augmented with the magic of music. Forkaal boasted of a great line-up, promised a great show, and that’s what they did on the 23rd and 24th of September.

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A spark is often enough to light a fire, the blazing glory of Dark Carnage did much more than that- it gave a new meaning to the audience in the Dark Night of Forkaal. Although playing amidst huge names after a very long time, Dark Carnage cemented their spot through their unorthodox styles and progressive elements, rousing the audience to fanatic elation. Before their absence on stage could even be felt, What Escapes Me took their place and implemented unprecedented energy and vigour. Their aggressive music with both clean and harsh vocals did their job and Forkaal had its happily headbanging audience. “Like us yet?” <audience roars> “We love you!” Well, the audience certainly loved that!

Then came Demonic Resurrection and Forkaal saw its first mosh-pit. Their classical start fuelled by the raw power of their drums and guitars drove the audience to a new height. The notes of Apocalyptic Dawn and Narasimha amongst the other greats and soulful interludes kept the audience begging for more.

The arrival of Kryptos on stage proved how Old School Metal still exerts its prominence amongst newer styles of Metal. They were simply relentless in their performance, the audience going berserk as they headbanged and moved according to the deep beats and heavy music of songs like Waverider, Mask of Anubis, Full Throttle etc.

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Then came the much-anticipated band, ready and dressed in their black regalia- Vader. They started with a blast, infusing the audience with a different vigour- chaotic yet soothing at the same time. Their signature style of fast and aggressive performance fused with guttural vocals, ripping solos and terrific drumming brought Dark Night of Forkaal to its climax. Songs like Reborn in Flames, Silent Empire and pieces from The Ultimate Incantation and The Empire were performed to much appreciation and enthusiasm.


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The Dark Night of Forkaal ended after 4 hours of constant invigoration but not before hinting at another great night full of music and enjoyment. Indeed, the Clear Sky Night started from around 6 pm the next day and it was no less grand the night before it. The genres played were a bit different and milder but somehow it all fit in nicely with the theme.

Fellow Swimmers, a local ambient rock band started the show. Their performance was indeed one of the unique experiences of the Night. The tempo and fervour increased as Polar Nights took the stage and won the audience with their style- a mix of heavy, progressive metal and hard rock. As the number of audiences increased, Dossers Urge took the stage. Their punk and psychedelic influences brought a different flavour to the show something that changed again with the arrival of Lands. Previously known as Nicholson, this band brought in Pop and EDM influences while sticking to their track record and gave the audience a good show.

The excitement levels reached its peak during the performances of Aswekeepsearching and Girish and the Chronicles. These bands gave the energetic audience a boost that was totally unprecedented. Popular greats were performed and when the audience demanded more, the band obliged. The venue brightened as the audience sang in tune with the bands on songs like Highway to Hell, Paradise City and Sweet Child of Mine. The Clear Sky Night turned out to be a magical experience that the audience would not forget easily.

In a nutshell, Forkaal Music Festival was an awesome event with its unique theme, brilliant lineup and amazing production. 

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Metal Banger is proud to be the Official Media partner for the event and would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the bands, team LAC- the organisers, the audience and all the other individuals and volunteers without whom this event would have been meaningless.


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The official interviews with Kryptos and Demonic Ressurection, etc will be out soon along with more photographs

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Photos by Nilotpal Kalita, Tomas B, Bedapratim Sarma, Partha Haloi | More photos will be added soon

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