Event Review: Hammer Fest 2017

The day turned night but the battle went on. A battle fought valiantly by many rock and metal bands.
The scene in Guwahati has seen a massive development since the last couple of years and in an attempt to keep up the pace and spirit of the metalheads JD Institute of Fashion Technology brought forward Hammer fest a one-day band competition and concert headlined by none other than Undying Inc. This one exquisite concert was held on 16th of December 2017. The competition started from 12 pm and went on till 7 pm.
The show was kick-started by Epigenetic’s epic performance. And Confuzone completely gave a heavy and brutal


 Tyrrhenian won the most prizes and yes they deserved every bit of it.

It was an exquisite open-air concert and band competition. It was headlined by none other than Undying Inc. This one day show which was brought forward by JD Institute of fashion technology was phenomenal and as I was saying the Guwahati metal and rock scene is rising and we will get to see some more of such awesome shows/ events in the future.

The winner was obviously hard to decide as all the participants gave a neck breaking performance but of course, someone had to choose who outperformed the others by inches.


And the result is:
Best Band- Tyrrhenian
Runner’s up- Oblivion

Best Guitarist- Tyrrhenian
Best Keyboard- Tyrrhenian
Best Drummer- Tyrrhenian
Best Bassist- Tyrrhenian
Best Vocalist- Confuzone