Event Review: Wrath presented by Pro Media and Creations

North East being the hub of musicians of various genres have always been favoured with the likes of national as well as international audience. Many artists have showcased their talents in platforms around the world.

However, artists of one such genre fail to get the deserved attention of the mainstream and are still considered underrated but with a considerably wide fanbase; the genre of Rock or Metal. Live shows or events by organisers of the city have constantly been playing their part in uplifting these artists by providing them with a platform to connect with their fans through their music.

Pro Media and Creations are one such organiser who successfully introduced the very first edition of BLAST VOL-1 few months back which carried itself with a blast. Following their previous success with the event, it was time to introduce yet another musical treat for the Metal Enthusiasts of Guwahati with the very first edition of WRATH. This event stood out like no other and really lived up to the hype with immense wave of firing support coming from the energetically giant audience shaping it into a successful one yet again considering their previous success with BLAST Vol-1

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The time was 5pm during the dusk hours of 29th July when Metalheads were seen swarming in great numbers filling up the venue within a short period of time. The atmosphere was filled with energy as five of the most outstanding bands in town were about to bring in some neck breaking performance in one power packed musical night.


The Lineup for the evening read:

  •  Oblivion,
  • Tyrrhenian,
  • Lunatic Fringe,
  • If Hope Dies
  • Agnostic.

The opening act was from Oblivions as they took the stage to let music take care of the rest, while the other bands joined along with the metal maniacs in their headbanging ritual. All the bands performed their sets as scheduled without any irritating inconveniences allowing smooth functioning for further amelioration of the event. As the speakers echoed with volumes high and the show was at its full swing, there was an involuntary quivering movement felt at the venue.

Those tremors were nothing but outcomes of the mosh and circle of death that drove the whole ambience top notch. The bands paid their tribute through their tracks to the Legendary Bennington as they addressed a prayer to the almighty for solace to his soul. The Gig saw its last act by Agnostic winding up the mosh party with its shuddering form of entertainment and grind. The entire show was one heart and mind satisfying gala, where the Metalheads banged their heads in content, raised their metal fists up in the air and displayed their metalhood bond with Pride.



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Photos by Tomas B and Bedapratim Sarma  | Review By Sandip Gogoi & Gaurav Kumar Barman