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Forkaal Music Festival; An Invigorating Journey

Guwahati has played hosts to quite a few artists in the past. There have been numerous music festivals in this hub of North-East India. While some went down in history, others simply remained in memories. Fate can be a fickle thing. Events can go bad as quick as they can create history.

But what about its play with Forkaal Music Festival? Not a chance!

Forkaal is designed specifically to take humans on a journey through inter-dimensions and distant space to feel the vastness of the creation. It is a two-day music festival and is the first of its kind in North-Eastern India.

The second instalment of Project LA VOID Trilogy has already taken matters into its own hands. After all, Forkaal isn’t just an event, it’s a journey to the zenith of space through the innermost depths of our hearts. It’s about exploring the unknown and rediscovering the known.

Unlike other events, the ones organized by LAC always has themes that seeks to explore the conscious as well as the unconscious self, trying to discover truths through musical episodes. Their spectacular gig “Through my Mind” was Forkaal’s predecessor and that alone promises a unique event.

But enough of philosophies and metaphysics, the organizers have already announced a few bands set to rock the twin night event.

The first night, the 23rd of September, has been specified as The Dark Night. Wonder why? As per latest info, there are four specific reasons-



This immensely popular and sought after Death Metal band from Poland will be headlining the Dark Night of Forkaal. Vader‘s eleventh studio album “The Empire” was one of the best releases of 2016. Blessed will be the attending metalheads to witness one of the best acts of the sub-genre.



Demonic Resurrection is one of the most popular Symphonic Death Metal bands of India. Winners of various titles, this band from Mumbai is known for its fabulous music and energetic live shows.



Kryptos is where one can find the best combinations of old school metal and aggressive Thrash. Another popular band from India, Kryptos has been bolstering the metal scene since 1998.


4. What Escapes Me-

A comparatively new band of India, What Escapes Me has been noted for their progressive style fused with Indian Classical Music elements. Their debut album “Egress Point” made some waves and the live performance promises to be a delight.

 A few more bands are yet to be announced but the Dark Night sure looks dark enough for me. What about you? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.


The 2nd night of Forkaal (24th of September) promises to bring in a different edge to the festival. The Clear Sky Night features-



Girish and the Chronicles is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band known for their fusion of Power Ballads and the Hard Rock / Classic Metal music transporting the audience to the emerging yet glorious past- the music of the 70s and 80s.



Aswekeepsearching is a post-rock band from Ahmedabad turning quite a few heads because of their unique instrumentals. The band has experimented with quite a few Indian instruments as their albums “Khwaab” and “Zia” proudly demonstrate.



Nicholson is a well known pop band hailing from Mumbai. Recently they changed their name to LANDS and their track record promises a good show.



Dossers Urge is a Punk/Psychedelic band from Shillong. Their “Honest Rage” garnered quite a few positive reviews from critics and was well received by the populace.



Polar Lights is a Rock band from Dimapur, creating waves as they advance. If their two singles say anything, they will be a delight to watch as well.


Metal Banger is proud to be one of the Online Media Partners of this event.

Early bird tickets can be booked HERE

For more details check out the official Facebook page of Forkaal Music Festival and stay tuned for further announcements. Hope to see you all soon!



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