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Guwahati Metal Event; Stormbringer : A musically inclined stormy night!

Mid of 2017 may seem to have served as a musical treat to the Metal fanatics of Guwahati. Just when the post gig effects of WRATH were beginning to settle from the bodies of the masses, yet another one was about to rip them off.

It was the evening of 3rd August at Ozone & hordes of people were seen filling up the venue space leaving it almost non vacant just to make themselves part of one killer event. It was time for Stormbringer by Rocka Rolla Events to spin off with some of the heaviest bands in lineup one can ask for.

Let’s find out!

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  • ‌The first act of the night raging the spirits of the masses were Psybarite from Sivasagar/Guwahati, a four men Groove/Thrash Metal band. Influenced in particular by bands like Pantera, this band stood out with their uniquely derived sound and powerful on stage deliverance that made the crowd swing along banging their heads.
  • ‌Next up being Nogrod, a three piece Black Metal band from Guwahati, pervaded the atmosphere of the evening with their heavy melody infused dark lyrics. This band has gathered a huge fan following being one of the very few bands carrying influences from this sub genre.
  • ‌Hyderabad based Death Metallers Godless blasted through next with their vigorously powerful music. I could say most eyes lay fixed on the showmanship of their frontman who carried a very aggressive vocal style and stance. Having said that, this band personally stood out as my favourite in the entire lineup.
  • ‌Fragarak, a four men Extreme Metal outfit from New Delhi, wrapped up the event with a lethal blend of melodic tunes and intense technical rhythms. Having influences from Death Metal, their music imparts lyrically somber yet a unique thematic style. The showmanship of this band carried brooding expressions during their whole set fused into music progressive in approach.

‌With the presentation of four such outstanding bands in one hell of a night, Stormbringer literally brought the ‘Storm’. A big shoutout to Mr David Koch, head of Rocka Rolla Events, who always give us such promising events.

‌Thanks to everyone who came and supported the event. Cheers!


PS: More photos will be added soon| Stay Tuned on our Facebook Page

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