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Hammer Fest 2017- Musical Outburst of Guwahati

Immortality might be an unattainable concept but surely one can try? After all, legends are immortal. But therein lies a problem. It takes a lot of time to temper and hone your skills to become the legend you want to be. Hammer Fest 2017 offers a chance to do much more than that! Almost two dozen Metal and Rock bands across India will converge in Guwahati for a mighty display of skill and power to be witnessed by enthusiasts from all over the country.

What, that’s not enough for you? Well, the organizers did announce Undying Inc headlining the event. You wouldn’t want to miss this behemoth of Indian Metal, would you?

The latter half of 2017 had been a dry spell for the local Metal scene of Guwahati. Hammer Fest seeks to revitalize the fading spirit by presenting a whole day of high voltage Metal and Rock music. Along with proving new bursts of adrenaline to the fans and enthusiasts, it also provides a platform to the native bands to showcase their best and compete against the rising talents of India. This is the second edition of the festival presented by JD Institute of Fashion Technology Guwahati and will be held at O2, Panjabari on 16th of December. Entry is FREE.

The organisers have released a basic layout of the event-

  1. The event will be held at O2 Panjabari from 10 am onwards.
  2. The genres will be mostly Metal and Rock.
  3. There’s quite a bit of prize money for the winning bands… INR 35,000 for the winner and INR 20,000 for the runners-up.


Quick note to the participating bands- Don’t forget to bring your own instruments. Only a common drum kit will be provided at the venue. Also, Sequencing will NOT be allowed and violation would get the band disqualified.

The event is sponsored by JD Institute of Fashion Technology Guwahati with Rocka Rolla as the Event Partner. Landscape Safari and MG Travels are associated as the Logistic and Travel partner respectively. Silver Sand Memoirs is the official photography partner. The event is also supported by Indian Music Mug and we, here at Metal Banger are proud to be the Online Media Partner of Hammer Fest 2017.

What more is there to say? Giant headliner, a huge number of participants, free entry and a day full of pure, unadulterated music. I’m definitely going. You better not miss it either!




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