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Interview with Old School Death Metal band Insanity Unveiled

Old School Death Metal is being looked attentively as the micro genres in Death Metal category which incorporates a number of aspects. From incorporating gutturals vocals to downtoned guitars, they are far by a great deal from sounding melodic. Viewed as a unit apart from genres like thrash/hardcore origins, the Old School illegitimate aims more for brutality! Check out this interview where they speak about the band and its formation.

  • “Insanity Unveiled” What would be its untold story of existence?

Insanity Unveiled has been through many difficult times over the years but our passion for death metal has never stopped us from playing and has pushed us even harder. 

  •  The idea of Old School Death Metal; Tell us about the band’s affair with this genre!

Our passion for old school death metal has always been in our blood and that’s the way we have always played. We all grew up in the 1990’s era of death metal with bands like Gorefest, Dismember, Napalm Death and Hypocrisy and this is the music we love. Hardcore punk music is also a passion of ours which also comes out in our music The old school rules.

  • Coming to its members, if asked to describe them, how amusingly would you proceed?

As it stands we have 3 members in Insanity Unveiled. Shaun is the bassist who sees himself as a death metal encyclopaedia and we call ‘Brutal Grandfather’. Ryan is the drummer who changes the beats every time he plays a song and Fabian is the guitarist/vocalist who likes giving everyone in the band a hard time.

  • Was the band diffident during its initial stages? When did the band realised that they have finally attained their sync?

There have been changes in the band’s line-up over the years and even a sad death in the band. Even with all the hardships we have faced the music has never changed and old school death metal has always been the natural music for us to play. When Ryan joined as the drummer he added a powerful element to the band which adds to our style.

  • The feasibility behind every composition, how collective are the efforts?

The songs generally come from one or two basic guitar riffs and we develop the song around this. We don’t ever know what the end result of the song will be as this happens at band practice where we all add ideas. It’s a very organic, loose way of writing music and this works for us because we don’t want to be a perfect rigid sounding band. Death metal was never meant to be perfect. It’s raw energetic music

  • What are the milestone of the band?  Any significant achievements, the band is proud of?

We are proud of the fact that we stuck together through all the hard times we have had in the band. Also being able to play in the Wacken battle of the bands was good for us and also we are busy recording an album which is a very big milestone for us.

  • The sound of the band! Who are its identical twins? What makes it step out from the rest?

We do have influences from the bands we grew up on but we will never try sound like any other band or write our songs in the style of another band. Every song has its own mood and energy from elements of punk grindcore, black metal whatever we feel that song needs. We don’t want to be labelled as a band that sounds like another band. Music is about originality and songwriting.

  • After being known as a complete band, how was the response following? Was there any complex situation that you experienced on the run?

We have had many difficulties along the way but who said life is easy. We have had a good response from people because we think it’s something new and powerful that people like. We will love to get our music out to the metal heads around the world including our friends in Indonesia.

  • According to your perspective, is there anything queer you find that needs major limelight in the current music scene?

The metal scene around the world is very big at the moment and there are many bands that sound the same. We take a different path to this and play what’s in our hearts. In south Africa, the scene is not as big or popular but there are many quality bands and musicians developing. Metal should be about sticking together and making the scene strong and not about trying to all go in different directions. We will never sell out and play a style that is popular just to get further. We play what we like.

  • On a final note, what would be your words of wisdom to those brand new strings on the scene?

Its simple just love what you play and play what you want to play. Don’t play a style of music just to be popular it must be true and in your heart. There will be hard times but stay strong and push forward. The rewards are great no matter how small. INSANITY UNVEILED⁠⁠⁠⁠

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