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Interview With Lost in Desolation, Australian Atmospheric Black Metal

Atmospheric Black Metal is an underrated Metal genre here in the North East region of India and maybe in the rest of India. With this interview I am throwing light on the genre and as well as promoting it. Let me tell you one thing, this is more than Metal and more than music and it requires patience  to listen. It puts its listener in a trance state. You will either roam around the galaxy or around mother nature. That is why most of the bands playing this particular genre are one man band because it is the mind of one person that needs to be focused and worked on. One very good example is Lustre. Make sure you click on it.

Today we have with us Lost in Desolation, a two men Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal act from Australia, Tasmania formed in the dying months of 2012. In November of 2014 the debut album ‘Mourning I’ was released by Talheim Records. They are near to the release of ‘Mourning II’.

Take note, I or the band do not promote self harm or any sadistic activities. Take the term with a handful of sugar or you can take it as “Melancholic”. This is probably Metal Banger’s first interview with an Atmospheric Black Metal band. I am excited. Are you? Then let’s get on with it!

Lost in Desolation

Greetings from North East India and from Metal Banger. We are here to bring up small bands and upcoming Metal acts. It is an honor to have this interview with you all and it is also our very first interview of a band playing Amospheric Black Metal. Let us begin.

1. First things first. What made you create Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal?
JY: I felt the need to express a more personal and emotive type of music that to date my current projects didn’t fulfil. I’d long been interested in both atmospheric and depressive black metal and had dabbled previously (and unsuccessfully) in composing music for the genre. With Lost In Desolation the process of composing came a lot more naturally, where as in the past it seemed a little more forced. For both of us this music was our way to express ourselves in those means.

2. Does one’s emotions really help in making such genre?
JG: Yeah I think they go hand in hand. Creating the music helps one to express deep emotions and the music creating process is always some form of catharsis. Not only do emotions assist in creating such music, but the music often helps people to understand and deal with certain feelings. And it’s not just dark emotions, we address depression but it’s not something we glorify, we also express longing, hope, appreciation of nature etc.
JY: I believe so. Its emotionally driven music, in which you’re trying to convey that emotion and atmosphere to the listener.

3. Regarding your upcoming album, were all the tracks recorded in Mersey Forest, Tasmania?
JG: All of the screamed vocals were recorded in Mersey Forest. It was during Autumn when I drove 5 hours from my home into the Tasmanian wilderness to record vocals. I took a tent, a portable recorder and a notepad. The music was recorded by Young at Dawnless Studios. And the Clean vocals by Felix were recorded at Reverent Studios Check out his band Myridian.

Tasmania forest

Check out the clip of the screamed vocals recorded in Tasmanian forest here.

4. You guys have done an amazing job with “Grief, My Falling Rain“. Will your other tracks feature clean vocals?
JG Felix sung on tracks II, III & V. Withering Loss, She Falls and Dreams Alone & With The Stars I Fade. We think he done a fantastic job and I’m sure the fans will be happy with his contributions to the album.

5. When can we expect Mourning II?
JY: Within the next few months, we will update when we have an exact date. All the material is with our label ‘Talheim Records’ and is being prepped for printing.

6. Can you provide any tips for people making Atmospheric Black Metal?
JY: I suppose with any form of composing try to let it come naturally, if you’re trying to force your music to fit into a certain genre/style then you probably won’t achieve the best result.
With this album a lot of Post Black metal elements made their way into the final product, this was never intended when originally composing for the 2nd album but something I felt the music needed.
Try to not to let the confines of a genre limit your creative process.

Lost in Desolation

7. I see nature plays a huge role in Atmospheric Black Metal music. Will you tell us to what level it inspired your music and yourself (including all the band members)?
JG: The genre goes hand in hand with nature. We try to paint an image of nature through the music we create. Lost in Desolation is a union between Nature, Music and Emotion.
JY: I think Gee summed it up pretty well. Where we live is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty which we definitely draw inspiration from.

8. How is the scene of this genre in your place? If there is any please name a few.
JG: There’s a little bit of Depressive Black Metal in Tasmania, a lot of it is too Raw/Kvlt sounding for my liking. I would recommend Orrery, they aren’t active but their album is an amazing piece of Atmospheric Black Metal!

9. Anything more you want your fans to know about?
JG: I’d just like to say thanks to everyone for their patience, it’s been a long process getting this album together. It’s been about 3 years since Mourning I, and we’re glad to finally have the second album ready for release.
JY: Thanks to everyone for their support over the past few years and I hope everyone enjoys the new album. And thank you for taking the time to interview us.

Thorodan – Vocals
Slikver – Instruments/Vocals

Check out their previous album, Mourning I here.

Band e-mail: jayoung12@hotmail.com



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