On January 1, 2018, The Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal, in association with JALPAIGURI FEST I, presented JALPAIGURI DEATHFEST 2018 in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Presenting were some local bands from around Jalpaiguri and other great cities in India, with two bands from Nepal. They were Nihility (Banepa, Nepal), Silver Steel Dimension (Kolkata, India), BLIND DICK (Dharan, Nepal), Confuzone (Darjeeling, India), Skullture (Kolkata, India), Shrap (Kolkata, India), Afflicted Limb (Jalpaiguri, India), Pitch Shift (Birpara, India), Human Persecution (Jalpaiguri, India), Demise Theory (Jalpaiguri, India), and Mellumath (Jalpaiguri, India). The JALPAIGURI DEATHFEST 2018 proved that passion and love are going to grow the scene, and make way for a future that will be a hundred times bigger and better. The rest of the world should take notice!


SILVER STEEL DIMENSION (SSD), a four-member band from Kolkata, India, opened the show. What makes this band unique is that they love all kinds of music, even pop. At this Deathfest, they played heavy metal, creating tons of moshing and headbanging with their great stage presence and good rapport with the audience! SSD’s motivation is to reach each listeners’ heart with themes like rape, suicide, unequal educational, depression, and raising voice against people who corrupt their nation. SSD jams weekly and all this from a band that has played together only five months and whose ages are 16 and 17 years old! SSD plays occasionally at non-alcoholic Cafes. They will form a project named “AZADI” to donate food on 15th AUGUST to struggling children who live on the streets of CALCUTTA. Wow, guys, keeping on going!


BLIND DICK, from Dharan, Nepal, came to teach punk and demonstrate just how much fun fvcking the law and politics can be! Influenced by the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, BLIND DICK advocates breaking all your roots to clear your mind. Sudip and Allarey screamed out lyrics lamenting the flight of young people forced to leave Nepal to find jobs, so they can feed their families. They blasted through three covers from The Squirt Guns (Nepal), The Doltish (Nepal), and Chaos (UK). The band recently played in Nepal at the Khatrafest and at Alliance in Struggle, and are now working on a show date in Sikkim.


CONFUZONE, a five-member thrash death band, founded in 2013, hails from Darjeeling, India. They tag themselves as Natural Disasters X-plosive death metal, mixed with ethnicity and symphony. They performed with X-tremeness and X-plosion, throwing in our faces the disgusting realities and mentalities that infect humans to defile our home on beautiful Mother Earth. The violinist was unable to attend, so hopefully, this gang can return with their fifth member. Confuzone has a list a mile long of Indian competition awards, and plan an independent full-length album by the end of 2018. They aim to play internationally to share their passion.


SHRAP, a four-member hardcore/crossover metal band from India, is the first metal band ever from Kolkata. Together for seven years, they have a lot to teach younger bands. SHRAP cries out against skin colour prejudice, race and caste discrimination, and lack of development in society. They nailed it when they mesmerized the audience into a trance. The headbanging and moshing became an ancient rhythm of power and protest with jumping and banging more than any other band that played. Catch SHRAP’s next gig at Headbanger’s Night in Gangtok on January 26!


NIHILITY NEPAL, the Headliner, is a four-piece tech brutal metal band from Banepa, a small town east of Kathmandu, Nepal. They stand strong against racism in metal music and judging other music genres. Nihility Nepal has been dedicated to uplifting the Nepali metal scene since 2012. Influenced by Suffocation, Origin, and Dying Fetus, they delivered skull crushing screeches and growls, motivating some real head breaking moves in the pit. The band got amazing support and cheers from the crowd and their sound was enjoyed to the max. They are planning an EP with four to five songs in 2018.


HUMAN PERSECUTION, from Jalpaiguri, India, and together for 4 years, is headed by the drummer Bijendra Singh, the owner and founder of the JALPAIGURI EXTREME UNDERGROUND and JALPAIGURI DEATH FEST 2018. These black metal warriors are passionate about abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, and time and space. I guess that means that we are all blood brothers and sisters and that we should NOT support the separation between human beings. These guys took us on a ride to heaven and hell, which is their version of the essence of freedom! Learn from them!


PITCH SHIFT is from Birpara, a small town in India. They are influenced by metalcore bands like LOG and go for the creative freedom to play metal infused with local folk music rhythms and tones. Originally formed in 2011, the new set is only a year old, most recently graced with the killer new vocalist, Tanmoy Chakraborty. His lyrics about apathy toward our planet and evils like corruption and poverty made the crowd bang their heads in shame and rage. They have found the firm ground and are working on original material for an album in 2018. We look forward to hearing more from them.


DEMISE THEORY, a three-member set from Jalpaiguri, who formed in 2017, played their first gig here. The crowd was awesomely impressed, the moshing was fvck, and the band shares their music with the hope that metal should never be considered negative. Prateek, the guitarist, is writing lyrics and hopes for an EP in the band’s future.


SKULLTURE, a 5-piece death thrash experimental band from Kolkata, showcased two new members, Souradeep on vocals, and Pallab on bass, replacing frontman, Joyjit Angelripper Banerjee. Their gutturals and vocal death patterns blasted against any religion that becomes a socialized evil, and against those who have money but don’t use it to improve society. The crowd was crazy with this new lineup, and the pit and headbanging were passionate, showing love for this new sound. They are working on an album, MYTH, for 2018.


AFFLICTED LIMB, a hometown Jalpaiguri setup that was formed in November 2017, is extreme deathcore all the way. This was their first public performance, giving us a blast of neck breaking songs of screaming, squealing, breakdowns, and blast beats. Souvik Biswas, age 16, the dude on drums, and his bassist, Argha Das, write lyrics. The band plans to play some originals in the future.


MELLUMATH from Jalpaiguri, founded in 2017, is a progressive/black/death/thrash/experimental metal band, and closed the show on a “high” point, leaving us wandering home wondering why we had to go when we were having such a good time!


A big salute to the great local sponsors, and to the organizers, Vishal Vof, Founder of The Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal, and Bijendra Singh, Founder of JALPAIGURI FEST I, for making this first step towards spreading the love of metal and that the local metalheads bands have only dreamed of up to now. West Bengal has a huge number of deathcore followers and they should have been well satisfied. Last, but not the least, JALPAIGURI DEATHFEST 2018 was the start of something big. JALPAIGURI DEATHFEST 2019 will be gruesomely gross and outrageous so put it on your calendar now!




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