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Nepal Deathfest V (5th Anniversary)

You are all invited to celebrate the liberation of music at the Nepal Deathfest V (5th Anniversary) on March 2 – 3 at the Reggae Bar in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Over the last five years, the extreme underground music scene has come alive in Nepal. Up to that time, no one had planned or organized underground shows on a regular basis. Now the scene is celebrating the fifth-year anniversary of The Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal (EUMSN). Thanks to one man’s dream of creating EUMSN, namely, Vishal Vof, all kinds of metal, thrash, and grindcore bands began to go public. Previously, these unknown and struggling bands had no venues or ways of contacting and educating those who wanted to hear such music. Thanks to Vishal Vol, Co-Founder/Booking Agent at Nepal Deathfest V (5th Anniversary), along with Zivon Gurung, Founder at @Brutal Pokhara, and Co-Founder/Manager of Nepal Deathfest V (5th Anniversary), how things have changed! Look at the lineup that seemed impossible just a few years ago:

Day 1 (2nd March 2018, Friday)
1.) Nader Sadek: In the Flesh (Super Group from Egypt/USA)
2.) UgraKarma (Death Metal, Nepal)
3.) Severe Dementia (Death Metal, Bangladesh)
4.) Breeding Machine (Slam Death, India)
5.) Desperate Mile (Deathcore, Nepal)
6.) Animality (Death Metal, Nepal)
7.) Soul Destroyer (Deathgrind, Nepal) 

Day 2 (3rd March 2018, Saturday) 
1.) Clitgore (Goregrind, Romania)
2.) Onanizer (Grindcore, Czech Republic)
3.) Ancestor (Thrash Metal, China)
4.) XrepeatX (Grindcore, India)
5.) DISORDER (Thrash Metal, Nepal)
6.) NECK DEEP IN FILTH (Hardcore Punk)
7.) Wakk Thuu (Grindcore, Nepal)
8.) Error (Noisegrind, Nepal)
9.) Breaking Point (Hardcore Nepal)
10.) Erotic Shitters (Grindcore, Nepal)

***Venue: Reggae Bar, Thamel, Kathmandu, starting from 1 pm sharp
***Single Day early bird: 800/- Nepalese rupees (8$ USA) until January 31st
***Single Day ticket at door: 1000/- Nepalese rupees (10$ USA)

All bands’ and Nepal Deathfest V (5th Anniversary)merch will be available at the Fest 

Metal Banger is proud being the online media partner of the event | Contact us 

Other Media partners:
1.) Metaljesus Magazine (Sweden / India)
2.) Last Day Deaf (Greece)
3.) HeadBangers LifeStyle (Netherlands)
4.) WAVE Magazine Nepal
5.) TIMES FM 90.6 MHz

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/100601270681470/