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STORMBRINGER: An Impending Great Metal Show

Metal never seemed to be a priority to the people of Assam but the times are changing. There has been an awakening in the local scene of late. Bolstered by the numerous gigs and performances by national and international bands, the scene is developing.

Taking a step forward in this journey, Rocka Rolla decided to bring in a new wave of enthusiasm and spirit by presenting STORMBRINGER. If the past events of Rocka Rolla say anything, Stormbringer will be a sure blast.

And why not? The line up itself is simply heavy enough to ensure that. STORMBRINGER will feature-

The line up:

  • GODLESS | Hyderabad


GODLESS – Loud, abrasive, Death Metal from Hyderabad, India. These guys have also released their debut music video. Watch it here.

  • FRAGARAK | New Delhi

FRAGARAK | New Delhi

FRAGARAK – Technical Death Metal with unique expressions of a brooding atmosphere, progressively laced with transcendent passages and somber melodies. Check out their playthrough video here.

  • NOGROD | Guwahati


NOGROD – Nogrod is a Blackened Death Metal band hailing from Guwahati, Assam. The band aspire to play extreme music keeping the originality of their sound. Nogrod has released their debut E.P “Abstruce Dismal”. The E.P has been produced by Rohan Kumar Das and it comprises of five songs which is available for free stream/download.


  • PSYBARITE | Guwahati


PSYBARITE – Thrash/Groove Metal from Sivsagar, Assam. Right from it’s inception, Psybarite has been delivering raw power packed performances with heavy riffs, technical solos and groovy elements. Listen to their first single here.

Godless | Hyderabad

Fragarak | New Delhi

Nogrod | Guwahati

Psybarite | Guwahati



The racing adrenaline had barely settled after WRATH and now we have four more bands promising to invigorate it again. Not sure about you, but I’m definitely going. The 3rd of August seems like a great day!

Date : 3rd August 2017
Time : 7 p.m. onwards
Venue : Ozone
Entry Fee : 200 INR

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/213257202529838/




PC and Mobile Gamer, Vocalist at Kreophagous, Writes Graveyard Poems, Listens Mostly To Power Metal, Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal, Death Metal.