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The Great NE Momo Fest; where Music meets Dumplings!

Northeast has been an abode to a numerous musical gala since the indefinite existence of events, be it their
regional spectacle or influences from the western cult, the enthusiasts have never failed to provide interesting
occupations for its people. Northeast has also been an idyllic locale known for its diverse cuisines and endearment
towards its delicacies since ages. A number of festivals were hosted in this region that witnessed the affair between
food and music in the most startling way possible. Following the tradition, VASinc or better known as VAS
incorporated has stepped in for its second edition of The Great North Eastern Momo Fest 2017, where music meets the apple of the eye i.e Momos in abound.


After its first successful endeavour, the team have come up with an yet another spectacular extravaganza with an incredibly amazing lineup for its Dumpling deranged crowd. A three day happening where artists and Momo vendors from different states of the region will come together for one big social muster to showcase their talents through strings and steamers to meet the essentials of the footfall. Starting from Aug 25th to 27th, the event will take place at the AEI Field, Chandmari, Guwahati to entertain your Heart, Mind and Tummy to the fullest.

So don’t miss this one opportunity, as your presence will serve those affected by floods, an initiative by SOCH, and for the support of Child Rights in the Nation.

Be There, Take Pride. 

RSVP Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/241801173003496/



An Engineering Student. Former lyricist of Assassins Fist, a MetalCore band from Guwahati, Assam. Currently into Event Management @ VASinc, Guwahati.